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of Chichester in 1722, but held the archdeaconry in commendam till his death, 22nd Aug. 7214.§

Samuel Lisle, S.T.P., 1st Sept. 1724[1]; made bishop of St. Asaph, but held the archdeaconry in commendam till 1748, when he was translated to Norwich.

John Head, collated 9th April 1748[2], and installed 75th April. He died 4th Dec. 1769.

William Backhouse, installed 13th Dec. 1769[3] and died 28th Sept. 1788.

John Lynch, 7th Nov. 1788[4]. He died in 1803.

Houstone Radcliffe, 19th May 1803[5], vice John Lynch.

Hugh Percy, 26th April 1822[6], vice Houstone Radcliffe, deceased.

James Croft, 18th June 1825, vice Hugh Percy, resigned[7].


This archdeaconry was founded and endowed by Order in Council, gazetted 4th June 1841[8].

William Rowe Lyall, 11th June 1841. Nominated to the deanery of Canterbury 26th Nov. 1845.

Benjamin Harrison, 6th Dec, 1845, vice Lyall, promoted to the deanery.

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 Proofreader note: One would presume that the year should read 1724.