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William Tunstall, 11th Oct. 1613[1]. He was buried 8th Nov. 1622.

Isaac Bargrave, 6th Nov. 1622[2]. Made dean in 1625[3].

Thomas Paske succeeded Bargrave in 1625. He died in 1662.

John Bargrave was appointed by patent dated 23rd Sept., and admitted 26th Sept. 1662[4]. He died 11th May 1680, ætat. 70, and was buried in the cathedral.

George Thorpe, 22nd May 1680[5]. He died in Nov. 1719.

John Hancock, nominated 1st Dec. 1719[6], and installed on the l0th of the same month[7]. He died in 1728.

John Harris, nominated 5th July 1728[8], and installed on the 30th of the same month[9]. Made bishop of Llandaff in 1738.

Thomas Tenison, nominated 31st Jan. 1738[10], and installed 8th Feb.[11] He died 7th May 1742.

Spencer Cowper, nominated 13th May 1742[12], and installed 11th June[13]. He resigned in 1746, on being made dean of Durham.

Arthur Young, nominated 3rd June 1746, vice Cowper[14], and installed 27th June[15]. He died 29th June 1759.

John Head, nominated 6th July 1759, vice Young[16]; installed 16th July[17]. Ob. 4th Dec. 1769.

Richard Palmer, 21st Dec. 1769, vice John Head[18]. Resigned in 1781.

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