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John Ponet or Poynet, presented 29tli Jan. 1545. Made bishop of Rochester, in 1550.

Peter Alexander, installed 14th April 1551. Deprived by queen Mary, but restored by queen Elizabeth[1].

John Warum or Warren, presented by queen Mary 2ist May 1554. His will, dated ]6th Sept., was proved 13th Oct. 1558.

John Knight.

Henry Goodrick held this stall in 1561.

Stephen Nevinson circa 1570.

Nicholas Simpson. He enjoyed it in 1589. He died in 1609.

Isaac Casaubon was presented 17th Jan. 1610-11. He died 1st July 1614, and was buried in Westminster Abbey.

William Kingsley. He was made archdeacon of Canterbury in 1619. He died 19th Jan. 1647-8.

John Reading, appointed 9th July 1660. He died 26th Oct. 1667.

Edmund Castle, installed 13th Nov. 1667[2]. He died in 1685.

Charles Elstob, presented 5th Feb. 1685-6[3]. Ob. Nov. 1721.

Samuel Holcombe, 15th Dec. 1721[4]. Installed 28th Feb. 1721-2. Ob. 1st April 1761, æt. 95.

George Secker, 21st April 1761, vice Samuel Holcombe[5].

Heneage Deering, 29th April 1766, vice Secker[6].

William Beaumont Busby, 16th June 1802, vice Heneage Deering[7].

Walker King, 19th Nov. 1803, vice William Beaumont Busby[8].

Michael Marlow, nominated 30th Jan. 1808[9]. In-

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