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stituted 1st March following, vice Walker King resigned. He died i6th Feb. 1828, aged 70.

John Hume Spry, 10th April 1828, vice Michael Marlow deceased[1].


William Gardiner, alias Sandwich, named by the charter of incorporation, 3rd April 1542. He died on Michaelmas-day 1544.

William Devenish, presented 4th Nov. 1544, and instituted on the 26th of the same month. Deprived in 1554.

Hugh Turnbull, presented 2nd April 1555[2]. He was dean of Chichester. Ob. 1566.

George Boleyn, 21st Dec. 1566[3]. He was dean of Lichfield, and died in Jan. 1602-3.

William Masters or Musters, presented 25th Jan. 1602-3[4]. He was buried 30th May 1628.

Meric Casaubon, presented 19th June 1628[5]. He died 14th July 1671, ætat. 75.

Louis Herault, presented 15th Aug. 1671[6]. He died 5th Nov. 1682.

James Jeffreys, presented 22nd May 1682[7]; installed 8th Nov. following. He died 4th Sept. 1689, ætat, 40, and was buried in the cathedral.

Thomas Nixon, presented 26th Oct. 1689[8]; installed 4th Nov. He died 1713.

John Grandorge, 21st April 1713, vice Nixon[9]. He died in January 1729-30.

Thomas Gooch, bishop of Bristol, 24th Feb. 1729-30[10]. Resigned on his promotion to Norwich in 1738.

Julius Deedes, nominated 31st Jan. 1738-9. Insti-

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