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John Radtkg or Hiding, LL.1L, archdeacon of North- ampton, was collated 6th Aug. 1471 ; void by the death of John Chedworth. Ee was installed by proxy the next day.

John Coil . LL.D., was collated 5th Nov. [48 1 ; \oid by the death of John Radyng 1 . He resigned this archdeaconry in 1494 for thai of Chichester, and died immediately afterwards. His will, dated 18th .Inly, was proved 2 2nd I >ct. (494.

Tiiom \n Hi 1 M.\. J.L.I)., first arelideacon of Bedford, and afterwards archdeacon of Huntingdon, was col- lated 29th Julj 1494; void by the death of* John Ooke .

William Smith, LL.D., archdeacon of Northampton, was installed 2is1 Aug. 1506; do mention how void 3 . 1 le died in 15*8.

Richard Pates, A.M., was in-tailed 22nd Jnne 1528, void by the death of William Smith 4 . He was at- tainted of high treason in 1542. In the year 1 554 he was made bishop of W oroesfc r.

C i.n:i.i Hi wi M.i. archdeacon of Tattnton,wae col- lated 8th April 154- ; void by the attainder of R. Pates*. He was also dean of Lincoln.

Nicholas Bullingham, LL.B., was in-tailed 22nd Sept. 1549 j void by the death of G. Henneage 6 . He retired beyond ses during the persecution in queen Marys reign ; and returning in the beginning of queen Elizabeth's; was made bishop of this see.

Thomas Marshall, S.T.P., was installed 23rd May 1 554, in arohidiaconatu Line, ex certis euusis va-


( )wi \ Hodgson, S.T.B., was install d 14th Jan. 1 558-9; void by the death of Thomas Marshall 8 . Deprived in

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