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Thomas Oldys, 23rd Aug. 1687: his title was set aside, and John Cawley recovered his rights. He died 13th Aug. 170916, ætat. 77.

John Mandeville, S.T.P., was collated 22nd Oct. 1709, and installed on the 28th of that month. He died 21st Jan. 1724-5.

George Reynolds, collated 12th Aug. 1725.

John Gordon, collated 1st July, and installed 24th July 1769, vice George Reynolds deceased.

John Pretyman, collated 13th Feb. 1793-4; instituted on the 16th of the same month, vice John Gordon deceased.

Charles Goddard, collated 11th June, and installed 14th June 1817, vice John Pretyman deceased.

Henry Kaye Bonney, D.D., 22nd Feb. 1845, vice Charles Goddard resigned.

This dignity is rated for first fruits at 179l. 19s. 2d.17


Nicholas was the first, appointed by bishop Remigius about 107818. He died about 1110.

Henry of Huntingdon, the Historian, succeeded soon after the death of his predecessor. He was posssessed of it in 114519, and in 114720.

Nicholas de Sigillo, occurs as archdeacon of Huntingdon about 115521. He enjoyed it in 118412.

Robert de Hardres was archdeacon of Huntingdon in 1191, held it in 1203, and died in 120723.

William de Cornhill, possessed it in 120524; and 25th Jan. 1214-1525, he was consecrated bishop of

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