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Coventry and Lichfield26. He held it in 1214 as elect of Coventry.

Robert de Heil or Hayles held it 15th May 12167.

Philip de Fauconberg was possessed of it in 1222 and 122729.

Gilbert held it in 122830.

William held it in 124131.

Roger de Raveningham or Ravelingham, was so styled 14th April 125832, and again in 126033.

Robert de Hiche. The date of his holding the dignity is uncertain34.

William de Cornhull held this office in 1261, and 126535.

Roger de Raveningham again held the office in 1268. He died before 7th June 127636.

William de Wermington held it in 127737.

William de Newerke held it in 128138, and 128239. He died in the latter end of 128640.

Roger de Martival held it in 128841. Resigned on being made archdeacon of Leicester in 1295.

John de Columpna was provided to this dignity, void by the resignation of R. de Martival42, by the Pope, Celestine V.; admitted on the Ides of March (15th) 1294; ejected by pope Boniface VIII.

Walter de Wotton, appointed in 1295 by this title, had the King's letters of protection, dated 11th Dec. 129643. He died in 1308.

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