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Arnold Amaneni de la Breto was admitted xi Cal. Junii (22nd May) 1308; void by the death of W. de Wotton44.

Guychardus de la Breto was admitted xix Cal. Sept. (14th Aug.) 1309; void by the death of Arnold45.

James de Berkeley, S.T.P., was admitted xiii Cal. Nov. (20th Oct.) 1318, per dimissionem Domini Guychardi ultimi incumbentis46. He became bishop of Exeter in 1327.

Richard de Brenchesle had this dignity conferred on him by the King 11th May 133047. He died possessed of it in 1337.

William Wittlesey was admitted on Tuesday the feast of the nativity of St. John (24th June] 1337 to the archdeaconry of Huntingdon by the King's collation, void by the death of R. de Brenchesle48. If so, he was again appointed 20th June 1343.49 In 1360 he was made bishop of Rochester

John de Swynlegh was presented by the King51 in the vacancy of the see xvii Cal. Sept. (16th Aug.52) 1362 53.

John de Lincoln of Grimsby, 16th March 1385-654.

William Welborn was installed 5th May 138655. He exchanged this archdeaconry and the prebend 60 Solidorum for the prebend of Empingham cum Wybingham and the rectory of Wytherin in this diocese, 24th Feb. 1393-4. with

Eudo la Zouche, who was admitted 24th Feb.

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