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1393-456; confirmed 25th March57; ratified 6th April58. He enjoyed it in 141059.

John Tibbay was collated 24th March 1413-14. He was slain at London 22nd July 141460. His will dated 24th July 1414.

Richard Hethe, S.T.B., was collated 26th July 1414: void by the death of John Tibbay61. Resigned in 1421. Ob. 8th Oct. 1443.

William Lassells was collated 15th Dec. 1421: void by the resignation of R. Hethe62. He died 22nd Aug. 1453, and was buried in the cathedral63.

Richard Morsby died possessed of it in 146164.

Richard Hayman was collated 20th Feb. 1460-1: void by the death of R. Morsby65. Ob. 1464.

Vincent Clement, S.T.P., archdeacon of Winchester and Wilts, was collated 25th Sept. 1464: void by the death of R. Hayman66.

John Morton, LL.D., archdeacon of Winchester and Chichester, was installed by proxy 27th March 147567. Archdeacon of Leicester in 1477. Bishop of Ely in 1479.

John Blythe, archdeacon of Stow, was installed by proxy 13th June 1478: void by the resignation of J. Morton68. Bishop of Salisbury in 1493.

Thomas Hutton was collated 17th Feb. 1493-4, on the resignation of John Blythe.

Christopher Urswick was admitted by his proxy 5th March 1495-669. He became archdeacon of Wilts and Oxon.

William Warham, LL.D., was collated 28th April

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