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1496: void by the resignation of Chr. Urswick 70. He became bishop of London.

Robert Sherbourn71 was so styled in the same year 149672. Bishop of St. David's in 1505.

John Foster, collated 10th July 1502, and died in 151273.

John Constable, LL.D., was installed 3rd Dec. 1512: void by the death of Foster74. He became dean of this church.

William Atwater was installed 3rd June 151475. Bishop of this see in the same year.

Richard Rawlins, S.T.P., was installed 18th Nov. 1514: void by the promotion of Atwater76. In 1523 he was made bishop of St. David's.

William Knight, LL.D., was installed 17th Sept. 1523: void by the promotion of Rawlins77. In 1541 he was made bishop of Bath and Wells.

Richard Gwent, LL.D., was collated 1st Feb. 1541-2 and installed 5th April 1542: void by the promotion of Knight78. He died about July 1543, also archdeacon of London, and was buried in St. Paul's cathedral.

Anthony Draycot, LL.D., archdeacon of Stow, was collated 27th July and installed 13th Aug. 1543: void by the death of R. Gwent79. Deprived in 1560. He was a prisoner in the Fleet in 1561. Ob. 20th Jan. 1570-1.

Robert Beaumont, presented by the earl of Rutland, to whom the next presentation of this dignity had been granted by bishop Watson, and installed 28th Sept. 1560. He died in 1567.

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