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H. Downhall 91. He died 3rd Sept. 1673. His will is in the Prerogative Office of Canterbury92.

John Hammond, A.M., collated 5th Sept., was installed 23rd Sept. 1673: void by the death of Ri. Perrincheif93. He resigned 15th May 1701.

White Kennett, S.T.P.. was collated 15th May 1701: void by the resignation of J. Hammond94. Made bishop of Peterborough in 1718.

John Sturges, nominated 17th Nov. 1720, collated 8th Dec. following, and installed 13th Feb. 1720-1. Ob. 1725.

William Lunn collated 12th Aug. 1725.

Timothy Neve, D.D., collated 28th March 1747, installed 28th April.

Charles Jenner, collated 27th April 1757, and installed the next day.

Nicholas Cholwell, collated 23rd Feb. 1770, installed 31st March.

Michael Tyson, collated 1st Jan. 1774, installed 26th Feb.

Thomas Parkinson, collated 16th April 1794, installed 14th June.

Thomas Fanshaw Middleton, collated 4th April 1812, installed 9th May.

James Hook, collated 5th July, installed 9th July.

John Banks Hollingworth, 25th Feb. 1828.

By order in council 19th April 1837, that part of the archdeaconry of Huntingdon in the diocese of Lincoln was transferred and annexed to the diocese of Ely.

The dignity is rated for first fruits at 64l. 14s. 2d.95

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