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Charles Boothe, LL.D., was collated 8th May and admitted by proxy 16th Juno 1505 : void by the pro- motion of Sherbourn 9. He beoame bishop of Here- ford in 1516.

.Ion n T.\ [lour, LL. I)., waa installed 24th Dec. 1516: void by the promotion of Booth 91 .

Richard Layton, LL.D.. was collated 14th Oct. i5,;4, and installed the 27th of the same month: void by the death of J. Tailour 9 " 3 . He died in 1544, being also (Ian of York.

.John LoNGLANO, A. B., was collated 17th June 1544. and installed on the : 1 st of the same month : void by the death of Richard Layton 9 . lie was suspended in the year 1 5 : -4. .

Richard Port] b : , A.B., was installed 23rd May 1 554 95 . In the beginning of queen Elizabeth's reign ho was deprived ; and

John Longi ind was restored in 1559. By this title he subscribed to the Articles of Faith, which were confirmed in 1571 '. He died in 1589, ostat. 63, and was buried ;th Nov. 158c; at Tingwiok, Bucks.

Erasmus Webb, S.T.P., was collated 2nd Nov. and installed 12th Nov. 1589 . He died 24th March [61314, and was buried at Windsor

Robert Newell, or Neil, A.M., was installed -4th April 1614. 1 [e died in [643.

Giles Thorvj . S.T.P., was collated in 1643, but was

not admitted t<> enjoy the profits of it till after the

oration. His patent is dated 19th July 1660.

��5,0 Reg. Line. or Richard Peter.

'" '-' Ibid. Ath. Oxon. vol. i. p. 694.

Ibid. MS. BodL

94 There is some doubt whe- " Ath. Oxon. vol. i. p. 756.

ther this archdoacon was called * Ex Epitaphio.

Richard Porter, or Peter Porter, " Reg. Line.

�� �