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586 UEPORT Oh' NATIONAL MUSEUM, 1888. List of specimens described and figured. Cata- logue No, Name. Localities and Tribes. Collector. Text fig. 1 PI. LXXIV

Text fig. 25 Textflg.26 PI. LXXV

Text fig. 28 Text fig. 29 Text fig. 30 Text fig. 31 PI. LXXVI 32 PI, I-XXVII 33 Text fig. 34 Text fig. 35 PI. LXXVIII


Text fig. 38 Text fig. 39

20644 C6

19640 17230 11976


15396 129970 n


10295 > 14252 34114J


1963 1327 89822 ( 89500"! i 89630 i> [ 89124 I r 250211 -^ 44978 j. i 45108] 33166 38601 f 37961; I 36325!



Fire-making set do do do do Hearth Fire-making set . . do do do „.. do Slow match, punk Hearth from cave Hearth Sitkans, Alaska Bella Bellas, British Co- lumbia. Quinaielts, Washington. Klaraaths, Oregon Hupas, California Washoes, Nevada . . Paitrtes, Southern Utah. do "Wind River Shoshones . . Mokis, Arizona Zuiii, New Mexico do Silver City, New Mexico . Apaches, Arizona Fire-making set . do do , Sacred fire-drill. Fire-making set Taveita men making fire. Fire tools. Boring set Fire drill . Boring set Fire Bag. Hearth with cement Hearth Fire drill Fire-making set . . . Boring set do Fire-making set Hearth Fire-making set .do -do -do Navajos, New Mexico Costa Rica Ainos, Japan Idz umo, Japan Somalis, East Africa . Frobisher Baj' and Cum- berland Gulf. do East Greenland do Holsteinberg, West Green ■ land. Mackenzie River do Anderson River Point Barrow, Alaska . . . .do Sledge Island, Alaska Norton Sound, Alaska. . . Cape Vancouver, Alaska Chalitmute, Alaska . Kassianamute, Alaska Koggiung, Bristol Bay, Alaska. do From photograph. John J. McLean. James G. Swan. Charles Willoughby. L. S. Dyar. Lieut. P. H. Ray, U. S. Army. Stephen Powers. Maj. J. W. Powell. Do. Do. Mrs. Tilly E. Stevenson. Col. James Stevenson. Do. Henry Metcalf. Capt. Jno. G. Bourke, U. S. Army. Dr. E. Palmer. W. M. Gabb. Peabody Museum, D. P. Pen- hallow. R. Hitchcock. Peabody Museum, Dr. Chas. Pickering. L. Kumlein. Capt.C. F. Hall. L. Kumlein. From Holm and Garde. Do. Capt. C.F.Hall. B. R. Ross. Do. C. P. Gaudet. Lieut. P. H. Ray, U. S.Army. Do. E. W. Nelson. Do. Do. Do. I. Applegate. W. J. Fisher. Do.