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FlRE-MAmNG APPARATUS. List of specimens described and figured— CowimneA.

Cata- logue No, Name. Localities and Tribes. Collector. LXXX

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128138 Fire-making set Hearth and drill Fire sticks (model) , do Strike-a-light do Tinder-box Wheel tinder-box. .. Slrike-a-ligbt Flint and steel Belt with flint, steel, etc. Strike-a-light do Flint and steel Pipe-lighting outfit Strike-a-light .do Tinder-box Bristol Bay, Alaska Kadiak Island, Alaska Malays Samoa Fort Simpson, British Co- lumbia. Mackenzie River District England Broadalbin, New York .. . Boulogne-sur-mer, France Otoes, Kansas Assiniboines, Dakota Cheyennes, Arkansas Comanches, Texas G uadala j ara Indians, Mexico. Koords, East Turkey China Ainos, Japan Japan Strike-a-light. .do Charles L. McKay. W. J. Fisher. After Wallace. Harold M. Sewall. B. R. Ross. E. P. Herendeen. L. and M. Farmer. F. S. Hawley. Edward Lovett. J. W, Griest. Dr. J. P. KimbaU. Dr. W. H. Barry. Dr. E. Palmer. Do. Rev. A. N, Andms. George G. Fryer. B. S. Lyman. Japanese Department of Education. Do.