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a good deal smaller than ours.[1] We set up at the top of the highest mountain which was there a very large cross, as a sign that this country belonged to the King of Spain; and we gave to this mountain the name of Mount of Christ.

Departing thence, we found in fifty-one degrees less one-third (50°40' S.), in the Antarctic, a river of fresh water, which was near causing us to be lost, from the great winds which it sent out; but God, of his favour, aided us. We were about two months in this river, as it supplied fresh water and a kind of fish an ell long, and very scaly,[2] which is good to eat. Before going away, the captain chose that all should confess and receive the body of our Lord like good Christians.




After going and taking the course to the fifty-second degree of the said Antarctic sky, on the day of the Eleven Thousand Virgins [October 21], we found, by a miracle, a strait which we called the Cape of the Eleven Thousand Virgins, this strait is a hundred and ten leagues long, which are four hundred and forty miles, and almost as wide as less than half a league,[4] and it issues in another sea, which is called the peaceful sea;[5] it is surrounded by very great and high mountains covered with snow. In this place it was not possible to anchor[6] with the anchors, because no bottom was found, on which account they were forced to put the moorings[7] of twenty-five or thirty fathoms

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