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And not alone a lamb he'd kill'd,
But her own mother's blood had spill'd!
       Nor was this the worst of it,
       For e'en the shepherd he had bit!
              If this be true,
Then what's the world a-coming to?

'Twas thus beside a brooklet's course,
Two sheep engaged in sad discourse.
It was an undisputed fact,
He had been captured in the act.
Towser himself confess'd his crime,
And would be punish'd in short time.
The shepherds had resolv'd that he
A warning to all dogs should be.

With triple murder being charg'd,
The case went through the court with speed,
Upon the crime the judge enlarged—
The witnesses were all agreed,
And he was sentenced to be shot
Upon the very self-same spot
       Where he had done the deed.
The whole farm then turn'd out to see
       The execution done.
The lambs beseeched for clemency;
       The farmer granted none.
He made them take their place assign'd;
The dogs took their's near by, resign'd,
Humbled and lorn, with drooping ears;
The cheeks of some were bath'd in tears.