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Index:Florian - The Fables, 1888.djvu

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Title The Fables of Florian (tr. Phelps)
Author Jean Pierre Claris de Florian
Translator John Wolcott Phelps
Illustrator J. J. Grandville
Year 1888
Publisher J. B. Alden
Location New York
Source djvu
Progress Done—All pages of the work proper are validated
Transclusion Fully transcluded
Validated in December 2010

fable. page.
I. Truth and Fable, 7
II. The Mirror of Truth, 10
III. The Three Rivals, 12
IV. The Two Travelers, 14
V. The Inquisitive Cat, 16
VI. The Carp and her Young, 18
VII. The Two Gardeners, 21
VIII. The Gardener and the Aged Tree, 24
IX. The Ivy and the Thyme, 27
X. The Child and the Looking-Glass, 28
XI. The Two Cats, 30
XII. The Prince and the Nightingale, 32
XIII. True Happiness, 33
XIV. The Shepherd and the Nightingale, 35
XV. The Laughing Solitaire, 37
XVI. The Two Young Warriors, 39
XVII. The Fox as a Preacher, 41
XVIII. The King of Persia, 44
XIX. The Rhinoceros and the Dromedary, 45
XX. The Peacock, Two Goslings, and the Diver, 47
XXI. The Miser and His Son, 49
XXII. The Old Man's Advice, 51
XXIII. The Rope Dancer, 51
XXIV. The Monkey and the Ape, 54
XXV. The Linnet and the Turtle-Dove, 56
XXVI. Hercules in Heaven, 59
XXVII. The Philosopher and the Owl, 60
XXVIII. The Leopard and the Monkeys, 62
XXIX. The Two Bald Heads, 65
XXX. The Two Peasants, 66
XXXI. The Law-suit between Two Foxes, 69
XXXII. The Viper and the Blood-Sucker, 72
XXXIII. The Learned Collegians, 74
XXXIV. The Crocodile and the Sturgeon, 77
XXXV. The Caterpillar, 79
XXXVI. The Juggler, 81
XXXVII. The Grasshopper, 83
XXXVIII. The Hedgehog and the Rabbits, 87
XXXIX. The White Elephant, 91
XL. The Guilty Dog, 93
XLI. The Sage Advice, 97
XLII. The Dog and the Cat, 99
XLIII. The Canary and the Crow, 101
XLIV. The Monkey with the Magic Lantern, 103
XLV. The Three Fortune Seekers, 106
XLVI. The Persecuted Poodle, 109
XLVII. The Dove and the Magpie, 112
XLVIII. The Squirrel, the Dog, and the Fox, 115
XLIX. King Alphonso, 118
L. Death's Choice of Prime Minister, 119
LI. The Journey, 120
Closing Lines, 121