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Jessie L. Weston's The Three Days' Tournament. W. P. Ker 313
Alfred Nutt's The Legends of the Holy Grail. W. P. Ker . 315
T. K Cheyne and J. Sutherland Black's Ejicyclopmdia Bihlica, Vol. IV. W. Crooke . . . . -315
Yi.<Z.Yzx'iz.^€% Delhi Past a}id Prese7it. W. Crooke . 317
Adolf Strack's Hessische Blatter fiir Volkskuftde, Vol. I. N. W. Thomas . . • . . • 31S
Elie Reclus's Les Primitifs. E. S. Hartland. . .320
S. Chalkley Gould's Early Defensive Earthworks ; F. Elrington Ball's History of the County of London ; and Eliz. Gallup's Bi-literal Cypher of Erancis Bacon. L. Margaret Eyre . 320
Andrew Lang's Social Origins, and J. J. Atkinson's Primal Latv. Emile Durkheim . . . . .421
Emile Y>!lx€'?> D Antiee Sociologique, 1901-1902. E.Sidney Hartland ....... 426
P. J. Hamilton Grierson's The Silent Trade. A. C. Haddon . 435
Lucy A. Paton's Studies in the Fairy Mythology of Arthurian Romance. Jessie L. Weston and Alfred Nutt . -437
Emmeline H. Dewar's Chinamwanga Stories, and Florence M. Cronise and Henry W. Ward's Cunnie Rabbit, Mr. Spider, a?id the Other Beef. A. Werner .... 444
G. F. Abbott's Macedonian Eolklore. W. H. D. Rouse . 446
E. V. Anitchkoff's Vernal Ceremonial Songs in the West and amo7ig the Slavonians. W. F. Kirby . . . 448

Obituaries : —
Charles Godfrey Leland. F. York Powell . . .162
Gaston Paris. Alfred Nutt . . . . .164
Index ........ 449
Rules and List of Members.
Index of Arch^ological Papers Published, 1901.

List of Plates : —
I. Fetish Doll, Achewa Tribe, Central Angoniland. To face page 61
II. Crescent Charms in the Collection of Mr. E. Lovett. 65