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This page needs to be proofread.

III. Rood-screen in Charlton-on-Otmoor Church, with May Garland, 1846. 170
IV. Whitsun Ale in Blenheim Park, 1826 175
V. The Well-house at Headington Wick Farm 183
VI. The Arms of Sicily .... 212
VII. Terra-cotta from Taranto, and Pompeian Door-handles .... 217
VIII. Chinese Charms .... 292
IX. Witch-stones, Amulet, and Fairy Arrows, from the Scottish Highlands 298
X. Tribal Mark, Roebuck Bay 327
XI. Tribal Mark .... 329
XII. Tribal Mark, Lagrange Bay 333
XIII. Tribal Mark, Gordon Bay 351
XIV. Natives of West Australia (Roebuck Bay, 1899) .... 354
XV. West Australian Objects in the Collection of Mr. C. J. Tabor 365