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Vol. XIV.] JUNE, 1903. [No. II.

WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 28th, 1903. Mr. Alfred Nutt (Vice-President) in the Chair.

The minutes of the Meeting of December loth were read and confirmed.

The election of the following new members was announced, viz : Mrs. Banks, Dr. S. Miall, Mr. H. W. Underdown, Mr. D. Rorie, Mrs. Saxby, the Battersea Public Library, the Free Library Philadelphia, Mrs. H. F. Hall, and the Tate Library, Streatham.

The resignations of Miss Minet, Mr. G. G. Traherne, Col. H. T. Brown, Dr. Jonathan Hutchinson, Major McNair, Miss A. Debenham, Miss D. White, Mr. C. W. Empson, and Miss M. E, Marriage, were also announced.

A selection of the Musquakie beadwork and costumes, presented by Miss M. A. Owen to the Society, was exhibited by Mrs. Gomme, and the portions of Miss Owen's catalogue raisonne descriptive of the objects were read by Miss Burne.

A vote of thanks having been accorded to Mrs. Gomme and Miss Burne for the trouble they had taken in unpack- ing, arranging, and explaining the objects, the Secretary read some extracts from Miss Owen's monograph on the Musquakie Indians, describing their dances, in which the