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Vol. XIV.] MARCH, 1903. [No. I.

WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 12th, 1902. Mr. A. Nutt (Vice-President) in the Chair.

The minutes of the last Meeting were read and confirmed.

The deaths of Col. J. Davis and Dr. J. H. Gladstone, and the resignations of Mr. Edwards, the Rev. E. W. Clarke, Mr. W. Hensman, and Mr. R. Greeven were announced.

The election of Mrs. M. E. Milroy, Mr. J. Kosminsky, Mr. J. E. Solomon, Dr. W. H. Furness, and Capt. A. J. O'Brien as members of the Society was also announced.

Mr. E. S. Hartland exhibited a votive offering, supposed to represent a tiger, from the Charyong Pass, Korea ; and afterwards read a paper entitled, " The Voice of the Stone of Destiny, an Enquiry into the Choice of Kings by Augury " [p. 28].

In the discussion which followed, the Chairman and Dr. Gaster took part. A hearty vote of thanks was accorded to Mr. Hartland for his paper.

The Chairman referred in feeling terms to the death of the President's daughter, and on his motion it was unani- mously agreed that the Secretary should write to the Presi- dent expressing the sincere sympathy of the Society with him in his bereavement.

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