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Minutes of Meetings. 115

11. " Great spreading of the Five Elements" charm.

12. Charm against Ghosts.

13. Paper money burnt in temple.

14. Koo-tujtg king or " The old brass mirror" charm.

15. "Eight felicitous words" charms (3).

16. Ta i -J) I ng\.

17. Chivang yuan charms (2), (to be worn at triennial examination at Peking).

18. Show taoii or " Longevity Peach" charm.

19. Ancient cash used as charms.

20. Cash sword.

21. " Poetry cash " charm.

22. Book on palmistry.

23. Book on astrology.

24. Beads used as charm.

25. Ma tsien or " horse money."

Mons. Junod exhibited and read notes on the follow- ing objects: — i. A Urate, viz., a curiously-shaped pig of copper used as the Basuto standard of value, or pound- sterling; 2. An amulet used among the Basuto and Baronga to expel internal evil spirits; 3. Astragalus bones, shells, and stones, used in divination [p. 116].

A discussion followed in which Mr. Ordish, Miss Burne, Mr. Longworth-Dames, Dr. Gaster, and Mr. C. J. Tabor took part ; and M. Junod asked for further notes and com- munications on the subject of astragali.

Mr. Longworth-Dames read a paper on the " Folklore of the Azores," by Mrs. Seemann and himself [p. 125].

Miss Burne read a paper by Mr. Andrew Lang, entitled "Notes on Ballad Origins" [p. 147].

The Meeting closed with votes of thanks to the exhibitors, authors, and readers.

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