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4 Minutes of Meeting.

Dr. Haddon, Mr. Hartland, Mr. Lang, Mr. Nutt, Professor Rhys, Professor Sayce, and Professor Tylor.

As Members of Council : Miss L. Broadvvood, Mr. W. Crooke, Mr. Longworth Dames, Miss M. C. Ffennell, Mr. J. G. Frazer, Dr. Gaster, Miss Hull, Mr. E. im Thurn, Pro- fessor W. P. Ker, Mr. E. Lovett, Mr. R. R. Marett, Mr. J. L. Myres, Mr. S. E. Bouverie Pusey, Mr. T. Fairman Ordish, Mr. W. H. D. Rouse, Mr. C. G. Seligmann, Mr. Walter W. Skeat, Mr. C.J. Tabor, Mr. H. B. Wheatley, and Mr. A. R. Wright.

As Hon. Treasurer : Mr. Edward Clodd.

As Hon. Auditors : Mr. F. G. Green and Mr. N. W. Thomas.

As Secretary : Mr. F. A. Milne.

Upon the declaration of the result of the ballot Mr. Bra- brook vacated the chair, which was thereupon taken by Professor York Powell, who briefly returned thanks for his election as President.

On the motion of Dr. Gaster, seconded by Mr. Tabor, a vote of thanks was accorded to Mr. Chambers and Mr. Elworthy, the outgoing Members of Council, for their services.