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Minutes of Meeting. 3

Dr. Gaster, Mr. Sloper, Mr. Lovett, Miss Burne, Mr. Tabor, Mr. Kirby, Mr. Ordish, and the Chairman took part. The meeting terminated with a hearty vote of thanks to Mr. Elworthy for his paper.


The 25TH Annual Meeting.

The President (Mr. E. W. Brabrook) in the Chair.

The minutes of the last Annual Meeting were read and confirmed.

The Annual Report, Statement of Accounts, and Balance Sheet for the year 1902 were duly presented, and upon the motion of the Chairman, seconded by Dr. Gaster, it was resolved that the same be received and adopted.

Balloting papers for the election of President, Vice- Presidents, Council, and Officers having been distributed, Mr. Eagleston and Mr. Walhouse were nominated by the Chairman as Scrutineers for the Ballot.

The Chairman then delivered his Presidential Address, the subject being " The Origin and Development of the Faculty of Imagination " [p. 12]. At the conclusion of his address a hearty vote of thanks for his services in the chair during the past two years was accorded to him on the motion of Mr. Gomme, seconded by Mr. Nutt, and supported by Mr. Freer, Miss Eyre, and Dr. Haddon.

The result of the ballot was then announced by the Chairman, and the following ladies and gentlemen who had been nominated by the Council were declared to have been duly elected, viz. : —

As President : Professor York Powell.

As Vice-Presidents : The Hon. John Abercromby, Lord Avebury, Mr. Brabrook, Miss Burne, Mr.Clodd, Mr. Gomme,

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