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Minutes of Meetings. 211

Museum; Proceedings of the Cambridge Antiquarian Society, No. 43, and Cambridge Gild Records, by M. Bateson, by exchange ; The American Antiqiiariaji, vol. 24, Nos. 4, 5, and 6, and vol. 25, No. i, presented by the American Antiquarian Society ; North Queensland Ethno- graphy, Bulletins 4 and 5, presented by the Government of Queensland; Survivals of Paganism in Mexico ; Pre- historic Archeology of Europe ; the Australian Museum ; The Bernice Pouahi Bishop Museum ; The Sacral Spot in Maya Indians; The Philippine Library, and The Tastaones, by Professor Starr, presented by the Author ; Finnisch-Ugrische Forschungen, vol. ii., part ii., by E. N. Setala and Kaarle Krohn, presented by the Authors ; Renard the Fox in Ladakh, by the Rev. A. H. Francke, presented by the Author ; Les tas de pierres sacres dans le sud de Maroc, and Les a'issaoua a Tlemcen, by E. Doutte, presented by the Author; Anthropology ^ vol. iv., No. 3 (Madras Government Museum), and Report of Museum for igoi-2, presented by the Government of Madras; Journal of the Anthropological Society of Bombay, vol. vi., Nos. 3 and 4, presented by the Society ; Traditions Populaires relatives a la Parole, by Dr. Chervin, presented by the Author ; The Scottish Bonesetter and The Obstetric Folk- lore of Fife, by D. Rorie, presented by the Author; and Kathlamet Texts, by Franz Boas, presented by the Bureau of American Ethnology.

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