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210 Minutes of Meetings.

A drawing of the Well House at Headlngton Wick, Oxfordshire, [Plate V., p. 183] presented to the Society by Mr. W. H. Jevvitt, was exhibited, and a note thereon read by the Secretary.

The Secretary also exhibited the following objects which had been presented to the Society by Dr. R. C. Maclagan, viz. : {a) an Uist bone bodkin, [b) two sets of " chucks '^ from Applecross, Ross-shire, and [c) a photograph of (r) magical and witch-stones from Sutherlandshire, and (2) fairy arrows from Islay, and read some descriptive notes on the several objects, communicated by the donor [p. 298 and Plate IX.].

Professor W. P. Ker read a paper on a MS. Collection of Exempla (Mediaeval Preachers' Moral Tales) in the possession of the Society, and in the discussion which followed, Dr. Gaster, Mr. Gomme, Mr. Bouverie Pusey, and the President took part.

The Meeting closed with votes of thanks to Mr. Jewitt and Dr. Maclagan for their gifts to the Society, and to Professor Ker for his paper.

The following books and pamphlets which had been presented to the Society since the Meeting held on November 12th, 1902, were laid on table, viz. : —

Journal of the African Society^ Nos. 4, 5, and 6, pre- sented by the African Society; Reports on the Archxo- logical Survey of Amirddhapura, presented by the Govern- ment of Ceylon ; Transactions of the Cynivirodorion Society, 1901-02, presented by the Society; Report of the Eighth Meeting of the Australasian Association (Mel- bourne, 1900) presented by the Association; Annual Report on British New Guinea, 1900-01, presented by the Government of Australia ; Transactions of the Glasgow Archaeological Society, vol. v., part ii., presented by the Society; Memoirs of the American Museum of Natural History, vols. iv. and v., and the Morris K. Jesup Expedition, by Alfred L. Kroeber, presented by the