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2,20 Reviews .

If we may make a suggestion to the editor, it would be to give up some space to Collectanea ; it will do more to promote the collectors' activity than any number of appeals.

N. W. Thomas.

Short Notices.

Les Primitifs : Etudes d^ Ethnologic comparee. Par Elie Reclus. Paris: Librairie C. Reinwald. 1903.

This is a new edition of a work originally issued in 1885, of which an excellent English version was published by Mr. Havelock Ellis in the Contemporary Science series twelve years ago. It is unchanged in any respect, and is vitiated, like the earlier edition, by the want of exact references to the authorities made use of in the compilation. — E. S. H.

Early Defensive Earthworks. By S. Chalkley Gould. Bedford

Press. History of the County of Dublin. By F. Elrington Ball. Part I.

1902. Dublin : A. Thom and Co. Bi-literal Cypher of Francis Bacon : Replies. By Eliz. Gallup.

Gay and Bird.

The first and second of these publications are of archaeological interest only. Early Defensive Earthivorks is a short specialist pamphlet, good of its kind ; and though the History of Dublin is a well-printed prettily-illustrated book, containing much pleasant and useful information about County Dublin, yet it is the list of authorities cited more than the book itself that is likely to prove useful to students of folklore. Mrs. Gallup's Replies belong rather to the domain of literary controversy, and though they may provide material for future folklorists (under the heading of " Popular Delusions "), they cannot be said to come within our scope at present. — L. M. E.