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Vol. XIV.] DECEMBER, 1903. [No. IV.

WEDNESDAY, JUNE 24th, 1903. Mr. G. L. Gomme (Vice-President) in the Chair.

The minutes of the last Meeting were read and confirmed.

The election of the Sunderland Free Library as a Member of the Society was announced.

The following weapons, fire-sticks, charms, &c., from Mapoon Cape, Yorke Peninsula, North Queensland, lent by Mrs. D. C. McConnel of Crenbrook, .Queensland, were exhibited by the Secretary, viz. : —

1. Necklace of pearl shell.

2. Necklace of opossum hair.

3. Shells used as charms.

4. Throwing sticks used also for defence in fighting.

5. Brush used for taking wild honey out of hollow trees (the honey made by a small black stingless bee).

6. Yam stick used for digging up roots, also used as a weapon by the women.

7. Necklace of parrot's feathers.

8. Dilly bags for men and women (the women carry their babies in dilly bags on their backs, also their food, nuts, &c.).

9. Fire stick, the point protected from damp by a cap n ade of berries stuck together by gum. The stick is placed poi ^t downwards on a piece of dry wood surrounded by