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Collectanea, 397

When he came to his grandfather he told him all that had occurred, and said that he had begged for three days' grace, because he had no wedding gift for his bride and was ashamed.

Then the magician gave him a magic jewel, which he said would give him whatsoever he desired ; and if he wished for a city fully equipped with houses and all its inhabitants he would forthwith get it. " Likewise," said he, " it contains two officers having a troop under them who will do your bidding, the one is called Dikar Sari and the other Dikar Dewa." ^ With this the magician handed the magic jewel to Indra Bangsawan, who bowed and left.

When he approached the city of Anta Permana he wished upon the magic jewel and summoned the two Dikars, and said " I wish a city to be built, with all its inhabitants, warriors, and ministers, and a golden bridge to pass from it to the palace of the Princess Ratnasari." Then the Dikars bowed, summoned their followers, and set to work.

And in the morning the people in Anta Permana were surprised on looking towards the palace of the princess to see that it looked as if it were on fire, so intense was the blaze of the gold and silver and precious stones on the golden bridge, and the king himself was startled when he saw the bridge and the new city. Then Indra Bangsawan also ordered the Dikars to go to the king and beg him to begin the marriage festivities.

Meantime the seven days being fulfilled, the rajas' sons came and made obeisance. And they begged leave to direct the festivi- ties. Then they directed that for seven days there should be great rejoicing, much beautiful music, games of all sorts, and martial exer- cises. And they invested Indra Bangsawan with the royal insignia ; also they built a triumphal e.(X\^ce{Fancha-Fersada)" of seven stories, covered with jewels, and surmounted with diamonds. The princess likewise was adorned with beautiful garments, and having arranged the triumphal procession, set out — the slaves of the magic jewel in front, the nine rajas' sons and their retinue behind, and the royal couple in the midst. Seven times they marched round the new city, then they walked across the golden bridge towards Anta

' Dikar vciQans "a master of fence" (usually netidekar), or champion ; the " mighty men of valour " of the Old Testament. It may be used by a raja of his captains or lieutenants.

- ^' Pancha-persada: a bathing-place (usually a temporary structure), where the ceremonial washing after a royal wedding takes place." (Wilkinson.)