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398 Collectanea,

Permana, where the king and queen met them with great cere- mony and much rejoicing. Then the rajas' sons presented presents of gold and silver to the bride. And the Kadi was called, and Indra Bangsawan and the Princess Ratnasari were married accord- ing to the religion of Islam.

Now in seven days Indra Bangsawan called the rajas' sons, and said that they must now go home because they had now been a long time away from their homes, and because he himself was about to start to go home to see his own father and mother once more, and to search for his brother Sahpri. Then the rajas' sons begged leave to go with him. But he told them that the way was long and very difficult ; nay, more, that there was a roc which had devastated the country of King Asik-asiki, and that they had had to shut up the Princess Dewi Ratnasari in a drum to protect her. But all the more they pressed to come, and he gave way with joy in his heart.

So on the morrow Indra Bangsawan started by himself to watch his goats, and from thence he conveyed himself to his grand- father. And he said, " I am now desirous to see my father and mother once more, also to seek my brother Sahpri ; therefore I beg that you will obtain for me the musical reed." And the magician having disappeared, returned forthwith, bringing with him the musical reed, which he gave to Indra Bangsawan.

Then Indra Bangsawan thanked the magician, who embraced him and wept and said, " Go, my son, and may God take you in all safety to your father and mother; and now behold I am approaching my end, and my magic skill is of no further use to me, therefore I hand it all over to you." And Indra Bangsawan thanked him and took his leave and returned to the princess. And when he returned he informed the king of his intention to seek his parents, and having obtained their approval, he and the princess returned to their palace.

Now as they were preparing for their journey, Indra Bangsawan and the princess suddenly became sick, and gradually got worse, and the physicians could not cure them. Then the astrologers having been called, said, " This sickness cannot be cured by drugs — they have been bewitched by the sister of the griffin whom Indra Bangsawan slew, and for this disease there is no cure." Then was there great grief, and the city became silent and deso- late as if the enemy had ravaged it.