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Collectanea. 8 1

bonnet, if the thrower has missed, the stone goes into his bonnet. The same thrower continues throughout the game. When any one of the players has in his bonnet the number of stones fixed upon before commencing, say six, the last stage of the game is reached. The number of stones in each bonnet is counted, and for every stone the player receives a "purley"; he places his bonnet against the wall and, laying his hand flat open against the bonnet, those who had no stones in their caps are entitled, from a given distance, to strike his hand with the ball as many times as stones were counted to him. The one to receive the greatest number suffers first, and so on in succession till all have stood their punishment, which is virtually the same as in the girls' game of "Cobs."

There is a modification of " Cobs " called Jinkers.

In this, the player summoned by the name of the day tries to strike the one who has thrown the ball against the wall, and if struck he again throws against the wall, naming another player, always adding the word "Jinkers," Thursday Jinkers, — Friday Jinkers, etc. If the thrower misses he bounces the ball off the gable, naming a player to catch it. When any player has been hit three times, he stands out. The most successful is he who remains longest in. This game is played in Ross-shire by girls under the name of " Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday." If the girl named catches the ball, she hands it back to be bounced off the wall by the original thrower, but if the named one does not catch it, she picks it up and tries to strike some other, who then takes the ball. If she has missed, she makes it rebound from the wall and calls for another day of the week.

Piggie Wiggie

Is a girls' game closely allied to the above. The players stand in a circle, one with the ball in the centre. She stots the ball on the ground and names one in the circle to catch it. If the named one catches it, the thrower stands aside during that game and the one with the ball takes her place becoming " Piggie Wiggie." If