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Collectanea. 95

in front who sings a verse and chooses another to take her place are common.

  • ' Cherry cheeks and roses, cherry cheeks and roses,

Cherry cheeks and roses, drumpy, drumpy, drj-."

Having chosen the other she says —

"Here's the one that I love best, that I love best, that I love best. Here's the one that I love best, drumpy drumpy, dry."

In the following the ring sings first as they circle round —

"Every wife for her husband, Every widow for her son, Every lassie for a laddie, Till the boundary is done.

"Seize a basin full of water And a towel in her hand Rings of gold on every finger Like a diamond in the sun."

The centre girl chooses another, they clasp and dance round singing—

" I will take a glass of whisky, I will take a cup of tea, I will take a bonnie lassie, That's the thing that pleases me."

In the following the mass of the players stand in a row, the one to make the choice marching up and down in front.

I. " Green grows the rashes O, My boots are made of silver, A white rosette upon my breast, And a gold ring on my finger."

The choice is made, both sing the same verse, the first one joins the row, etc.

2. The single player sings —

"Here's a poor widow, she's left alone, She has no one to marry upon, Come choose in the east, come choose in the west. Come choose the verj- one you love best."