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96 Collectanea.

One is chosen and the two sing —

"Here's a couple that's married together, Married together, married together ; Here's a couple that's married together, Drinking tea and kissing each other,"

The Farmer's Den

Comes under this heading, and is given as reported, but there is really no playing in it. The players stand in a circle with one in the centre. She says as she chooses one from the circle, " The farmer wants a wife." The wife then chooses one, saying, " The farmer's wife wants a child." The chosen child says, while choosing one, " The farmer's wife's child wants a nurse," and the chosen nurse says, " The farmer's wife's child's nurse wants a dog." If the performance is to be repeated, the dog chosen represents the farmer.

When partners have been chosen they may amuse themselves in some particular way.

Row Chow Tobacco.

Having sought a green grassy slope, the couple lock themselves firmly together, and lying down roll from top to bottom, singing,

' ' Row chow, row chow, row chow tobacco O. You'll give me a cup of tea and I'll give you tobacco O."

2. The couple "cleek" their right arms and whirl round

singing —

"Hook and eyes and oggrie dean." (Repeat.)

3. Each couple clasp hands facing each other, four playing, their arms crossed, right hand in right hand, left hand in left hand. They then pull each other backwards and forwards.

" If you want to see King William, Take your trumpet to the cross, There you'll see a noble lady Riding on a big black horse.

Riddle, doodle, deedle, daddle, (Repeat thrice.) Riding on a big black horse."

In Uist they repeat "Row chow tobacco" instead of "If ye want," etc.