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Minutes of Meetings.


(Which by Order of the Council was also a Special General Meeting).


The President (Dr. W. H. D. Rouse) in the Chair.

The minutes of the last Annual Meeting were read and


The Annual Report, Statement of Accounts and Balance Sheet for the year 1904 were duly presented, and, upon the motion of Dr. Haddon, seconded by Mr. Tabor, it was resolved that the same be received and adopted.

Balloting papers for the election of President, Vice- Presidents, Council, and Officers having been distributed, Mr. Thomas and Mr. Milne were nominated by the Chair- man as scrutineers for the Ballot.

During the interval while the votes were being counted, the Chairman moved, pursuant to notice given on the 7th January, 1905, Dr. Haddon seconded, and it was resolved unanimously

"That Rule II. of the Society's Rules be amended by inserting therein, in place of the word Members, the words {a) Members and {b) Libraries and other Institutions^