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Its Structure and Development. 157

3. Moon. M.

a. Downcast crescent.

b. Upright increscent. 1 c- i n i

c. Uprilht decrescent. ^'"^^^^ ""' Crowned.

d. Full.

4. Key. K.

a. Bow simple. d. Bow ornate.

5. Flower. F.

a. Few-petalled Rue or Orange blossom. d. Many-petalled Moon flower.

Ele^nents of rare occurrefice.

6. Horn. +

Although common as a simple amulet the horn is rarely found in combination unless held in a hand.

7. Cock (or Eagle .')

a. Side view of entire bird. d. Head. c. Comb.

Elements believed to be of comparatively late introduction.

8. Heart. C.

9. Snake.

10. Cornucopias, and \ occasionally appear: also the

11. Winged boys J Pentacle.

Compound Amulets.

2. i. H (M) Hand holding moon Hairpin in authors'

collection, ii. H (K) „ „ key Elworthy, Fig. 112.

iii. H (F) ;, „ flower Sorrentine bodkins

and amulets, iv. H (f) „ „ horn or dagger.

A twisted horn appears as a prolongation of the little finger in a common donkey-charm. Author^s Coll.

3. i. M (H) Moon enclosing hand.

rOnly known in ii. M (Cock) „ „ cock. - combination with

[the cimaruta.