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lo Annual Report of the Council.

It has been a great disappointment to Mr. A. R. Wright that he has been unable to complete the annual Biblio- graphy of British Folklore for the year 1902. The task of verifying and supplementing the materials in his hands has been greater than he anticipated ; but it is nearly finished, and Mr. Wright has already collected a good deal of material for the Bibliography for 1903. The Council there- fore hope that they may be able to publish the Bibliography for the two years together in the coming autumn. Now that the main lines of the scheme for the Bibliography are settled, there is no reason why the Bibliography for 1904 should not also be completed within the year ; but if this result is to be achieved, more assistance will have to be forthcoming, and for such assistance the Council earnestly appeal.

During the year an appeal was made to the Council on behalf of the National Library of Turin for a gift of the Society's publications to replace those which had been lost in the late disastrous fire. The Council presented the library with a selection of the publications, and the following is a copy of the letter of thanks addressed to the late President on behalf of the Italian Ambassador.

" Ambasciata d'ltalia,

20, Grosvenor Square, W.

ij^rd Dece^nber, 1904.


The Curator of the National Library of Turin has called the attention of the Italian Government to the valuable gift of books that your Society has recently made to that Institution.

The Minister of Public Education has now directed me to tender your Society the warmest thanks of the Italian Government for having so generously gone to the aid of the National Library of Turin with the gift of books, so as