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Collectanea. 215


Nine pounds and a bottle of wine.

BoL Bendo.

I'll give you six.


Six won't do.

BoL Bendo.

Will eight ?


Perhaps it may,

For I've a little bottle by my side,

They call it Hoxy Croxy.

I'll touch his eyes, nose, mouth, and chin,

And say, " Rise up, dead man," and he'll fight again.

{The Doctor kneels dotvn by the side of the dead man and adminisiers a pinch of snuff. The dead man sneezes., revives., and sits up.)

GoLiSHAN (sings).

Once I was dead. But now I am alive, And blessed be the hand That made me to revive.

Epilogue. (A// Join hands and sing in chorus.)

This night is called Hogmanay,

We wish you all good cheer, With as many guineas in the house

As days are in the year. And bless the master of this house,

The mistress also. And all the bonnie bairnies

That round the table go.