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This page needs to be proofread.


(P. 250, after line 19.)

"Hockie, pockie, penny a lump,
That's the stuff to make you jump."

"Eenie, meenie, manie, mo,
Catch a nigger by the toe,
If he squeals let him go,
Eenie, meenie, mannie, mo."

"First tae coont the king's name
Corra, ina, amen."

"As inty, tinty, lathera, mothera.
As an tan, toosh tock."

"Innery, unnery, eke a man eke,
Hollaman, tollaman, erica man,
Whiska, dinda, poker stinda,
Holla, polla, you are out."

"Ikery, dickery, dock,
The mouse ran up the knock,
The knock struck one,
The mouse is gone,
O.U.T. is out."

"Ina, dina, dinalo, dash,
Cattla, weena, twina, wash,
Speech, spot, shall be done,
Tweedulum, twadlum, twenty-one."

"Eatum, peatum, penny pie.
Pop a lorum, jettum I.
Ease, oze, ease ink.
Pease porridge, man's drink."

Among the Gaelic children's rhymes and lullabies, for many of them seem to have been used notoriously for this purpose, we give some as they have been sent us—

"Cha theid mi laidh 'nochd gus a faigh mi rudeigein
Rudeigein, rudeigein. (repeat).
Cha theid ma laidh gus a faigh mi tri casan caorach,
Tri casan, tri casan, tri casan caorach,
Tri casan, agus broUean, tri casan caorach.