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68 Collectanea.

Folk-lore of the Negroes of Jamaica.

(Continued frovi Vol. XK, pp. 87, 206, 450. See Prefatory Note, p. 87.)


Signs. Omens, Myths, and Superstitions of Jamaica. Those relating to the Human Body. I. Infancy.

If a child be born with a caul it will be able to see duppies.

Do not cut the nails of infants with a pair of scissors : ' it makes them light-handed, i.e. thieves.

Do not say that an infant is pretty : it makes him grow ugly. Should you say he is ugly he will grow handsome.

When an infant smiles in its sleep it is dreaming of the death of its mother, but when he cries he is dreaming of the death of its father.

Children, before they are able to talk, understand the language of animals.

2. Manhood.

White dots on the nails signify luck.

Grey hairs on the head of a young person signify luck.

Do not turn your hat down on a table : it gives you bad luck and prevents you from marrying early.

Do not carry peppers in your pockets : it makes you poor.

If you are going out shooting or fishing and anyone should ask you to bring "one" for him he spoils your luck.

If you dream that you have failed in an undertaking you are going to succeed, and vice-versa.

If your right eye dances you are going to laugh, but if your left eye dances you will hear of some bad news, or something will happen to you that will make you cry.

If your right ear rings you are going to hear something good or some friend is calling your name, but if your left ear rings someone is calling your name who is your enemy.