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Collectanea. 69

When the middle of your hand scratches you, you are going to receive money.

When you feel a hitching \_sic\ sensation on the soles of your feet you are going to travel.

Do not comb your hair at night : it makes you forgetful.

Do not sweep your house in the night : you will sweep out your luck.

Do not hold a piece of cane whilst another person is cutting it : it makes you lose friendship.

Do not give a straight pin to your lover : it breaks your love.

Do not make a present to your lover of a pair of scissors or a pocket-handkerchief: it spoils your friendship, or rather " love."

When you are eating and a bit of food drops from you it signifies that your lover is hungry.

Never step over dirty water : it makes you sick.

Those relatifig to Animals.

If a birds flies into the house it signifies death in the family.

Fireflies in the house at nights signifies that you will have a visitor.

Fireflies under a bed signifies death in the house.

When two fowls put their beaks together as if in conversation it signifies that you are going to have two visitors. If it be two hens you will have two women, if it be a cock and a hen you will have a man and a woman.

When fowls cackle on going to roost and on coming off, and even whilst they are on the roost, someone in the district is going to die.

Cows lowing mournfully and dogs howling at nights signifies death in the district.

If you hold the eggs of Gie-me-me-bit you will become unlucky.

If you want to catch a scorpion that you see say the Lord's Prayer and he will stop.

If people speak too much of your horse, mule, etc., they will pine away.

Ground doves that inhabit a particular spot are duppies.