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Do not flog duppies with your right hand, for they will hurt you, but flog them with your left hand.

Duppies do not follow carpenters and tailors, because they walk with rules in their pockets.

If in the early morning you happen to come across a warm stratum of air it is believed that a ghost was sleeping on that spot during the night.



When a firefly flies into your house at nights, a stranger will surely give you a visit.

When a crow or crows fly late in the evening some one is expected to depart this life.

When fowls cackle in the night or are startled from their roost some one would die.

When cows bellow speedy death is expected.

If rats destroy your clothes by gnawing, some one is expected to die.

If two hens put their beaks together some one is sure to visit you, if a cock and hen, the visit of a man and woman.

The dirt should not be swept out of a house in which there is a dead person or some one would surely follow.

To turn down your hat when you enter a house is an omen which foreshadows no marriage.

To open an umbrella over you in a house foreshadows the same result.

To come in a warm current of air when travelling in the night signifies that evil spirits are about the surroundings.

Openings between the front teeth signifies a giddy brazen disposition.

If the palm of your hands itches, you shall receive money.

If your eyes dance you would either laugh or cry.

If you handle birds' eggs or kill a spider you will always be breaking crockeries.

If a branch of a tree should give way some one would die.

Should the bottom of a tumbler fall off some one would die.