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72 Collectanea.

You should not answer to your name, if any calls it after you are gone to bed, or they will catch your shadow.



Love and Courtships.

^Vhenever there is leap year, women write letters of engage- ment.

\\Tien a lady's skirt or stockings drop, her lover is thinking of her.

If one is peeling an orange, and at the same time repeating the letters of the alphabet, and if the peel break, the letter on which it breaks will be that with which the name of the one's lover will be commenced.

Get an egg, bore a hole at each end, allow another person to suck out its contents. Fill the shell with salt, chew and swallow the shell and its present contents before going to bed, you will then dream of a person coming to give you water, and that person will be your lover.

Fill a glass vessel with water and write each letter of the alphabet on a separate bit of paper. Throw the bits on the surface of the water in the vessel. The letters that appear on the surface of the water will be the initial letters of the one's lover. (The one who experiments.)


If an umbrella be opened in a house over a person, that person will never be married.

The falling of one's seat signifies that he or she will never be married.

Persons who meet a corpse in chapel when going to be married, never enjoy a happy life.

If the corpse be met when the couple is returning from chapel, the life of the two parties will be agreeable and happy.

The shining of the sun on a wedding day signifies the living of a happy life between the married couple.