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Collectanea. 73

The falling of rain on a similar day is a sign of an unpleasant union.

When a married couple is going home for the first time after the ceremony has been performed, the one that first enters the threshold of the house and goes in before the other, will rule the other.

If a lady's veil get torn on putting it on to attend her marriage ceremony she will lead a "svretched life.

During a marriage ceremony should the bridegroom push the ring too far down on the bride's finger, they will live together miserably.

Births. To be born on a Friday indicates bad luck.

Deaths and Fmierals,

The flying of a bat in a house is a sign that either a relative or a friend of the inmates is about to die.

The falling of and the sticking up of a pair of scissors in the floor signifies death.

The cr}' of an owl over a dwelling-house signifies death.

The flying together of six crows and one hawk signifies death.

The sudden crash of the limb of a tree signifies death.

The cries of dogs and cats when one is very ill signifies death.

A slight drizzle when any one is seriously ill signifies death.

The constant digging of a hole by a dog signifies death.

If persons afflicted with sores look on the face of a dead [body] or go to the grave, the sores will become worse.

Should anyone put his head between his legs and stand at a far distance (say half a mile) away from a hearse going on with a corpse, he will discern whether the dead be a male or a female. If he stand too near under similar conditions, his n2ck will be broken.

Put water on a dead man's back and he will open his ej'es.