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74 Collectanea.

A dead person frowns when attended to by one whom he dislikes. On the other hand he puts on a pleasing countenance when one whom he loves enters the house.

If you don't bid your dead farewell his spirit will return in the same familiar style as when he was alive.

After one is dead his spirit returns every night for nine nights, and on the last night he visits all his relatives and associates, overlooks all that are his, and then departs altogether.


If a spider's web get across one's face, he is being accom- panied by a ghost.

A ghost seen in black has no intention to harm anyone, but a ghost seen in white is dangerous.

Cursing at the sight of a good spirit drives it away.

The calling of God's name at the sight of an Evil spirit drives it away also.

To prevent you seeing the ghost of a dead person, plant red peas on his grave.

To enable you to see ghosts readily, take the matter from a dog's eyes and put in yours.

Sand stops the visit by ghosts.

The nailing of a horse's shoe on a gate or door, hinders ghosts from entering in.

To drive away a ghost, flog him with a whip held in the left hand.

If dogs howl in a yard, ghosts are in it.


Two fowls appearing to be talking foretells of a strange visit.

The crowing of a cock before the proper time foretells of a strange visit.

The dropping and sticking up of a pin foretells of a strange visit.

The sight of a spider on the wall of a house when it is being attended to in the morning, signifies that there will be a visitor in the evening.