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Collectanea. 75

The Weather,

When toads croak there will be bad weather.

The flying of many crows to and fro in the air signifies that there will be rain soon.

When many swallows fly together in the air it will soon rain.

The dancing of the right eye signifies laughing by the one.

The dancing of the left eye signifies weeping by the one.

If the palm of one's right hand scratches him he will soon get money.

If the palm of his left hand scratches him he will soon pay money.

If a person's knee scratches him he is going to change his bed.

The itching of the nose shows that the individual is going to kiss a fool.

When the sole of your feet itches you are about to travel.

The butting of the right foot is a sign of good luck.

Butting the left foot signifies bad luck.^

If your ears ring someone is calling your name.

When your lips tremble you will be in confusion soon.

The number of marks in the palm of one's hand are the number of trials which he will endure.

When your elbow scratches you another will soon shake your hands.

When a thrill passes through a person's body an insect is crossing the place where he will be buried.

A sudden and startling movement of your heart signifies that you are being spoken of.

White spots on the fingers are signs of riches.

Persons with large ears are always rich.

When your left eye tingles you are being traitored.

^[This is the contrary of the superstition among the Fjort. Dr. Nassau quotes Mr. R. E. Dennett as follows: "See that your men start with their left foot first, and that they are ' high-steppers ; ' for if their left foot meet with an obstacle, and is badly hurt, it is not a bad sign ; but if their right foot Knock against anything you must go back to town." — Fetichism in West Africa, p. 195. — E. S. Hartland.]