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76 Collectanea.

When your lips scratches you you are going to get a kiss. When young persons have grey hairs they always have good luck.


When the end of a lady's dress is turned over, if she ask a male to put it down, and if he oblige her, she will get a new one.

If you take off the skin of an orange without breaking the peel you will get a new suit of clothes.

If the end of a man's jacket is turned over he is about to get a new one.


If one's spittal \sic\ fall on himself someone is saying some- thing untrue of him.

Going out but returning before reaching the place for which you started is a sign of bad luck.

If you mend your clothes on yourself people will trample over you and will tell lies on you.

When a person cries on being confirmed he will not remain long in church.

The breaking of a looking-glass is a sign that you will have seven years of trouble.

If you kill a spider you will always break crockeries.

If you hold a give-me-my-bit's egg you will break every other


If you see a scorpion repeat the Lord's prayer and it will remain still.

If in tidying a house you sling round a chair there will soon be a confusion, in which you will be engaged.


The dreaming of new boots signifies [a] new intended. The dreaming of fire signifies confusion. The dreaming of a tooth signifies death.