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Collectanea. J J

The dreaming of a new house signifies death. The dreaming of a wedding signifies a funeral. To dream of a new born means death. To dream of a fish means a new born soon.

Miscellaneous ( conlinuedj.

The mournful lowing of cows indicates death.

Wicked people are generally born again in the shape of savage beasts.

A man who neither goes to heaven nor hell becomes a rolling calf after death.

If you are handing a lady a knife bend a pin meanwhile or your love will be lost.

To check vomiting put a bit of stick behind each ear.



Additions to " The Games of Argvleshire."

[Since the publication of The Gatnes of Argyleshire as the Society's occasional volume for 1900, Dr. Maclagan has received, as he always foresaw would be the case, much additional informa- tion on the subject, which he has forwarded to the Society for publication in Folk-Lo7-e. His offer, it is needless to say, has been gratefully accepted by the Council, and the additional matter will appear in our volume for 1905. Dr. Maclagan has arranged it under the "Class" headings used in the Games of Argyleshire, with a reference before each item to the page and line of the work where it should have come in if it had been included in the original volume. Ed.]


(On p. I, after line 9.)

A modification of this [Hop, Step, and Jump] was called—

Three Stones.

Three small stones were taken in the hand of the first player