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Collectanea. 95

air thoiseach ort." (There is a stone in front of you), which is also supposed to be the equivalent of a " Sgiobalt."

(P. 207, after line 24.)

(Tig and Relief.) Cross Tig.

(P. 207, after line 30.) (Blind Tig) also Lame Tig.

(P. 208, after line 5.) A Warning, a Warning.

" Hut " the tigger, stands in the " den " with his two hands clasped in front of him, while the others stand in a row before the den. Hut then repeats :

"A warning, a warning, three times a warning, Porridge and milk at night, and tea in the morning."

As he finishes all bolt, Hut, with his hands still clasped, after them, till he has tigged one with his joined hands. These two then, holding each other by one hand, continue the chase, using their free hands to tig others. Each one as caught is added to the pursuing line till all have been captured.

(P. 208, after line 12.)

Girls call this game " Trail the Herring," it being supposed to represent trawling for that fish.

A nearly similar game is "Shark in the Water, also "Jack in the Water," where a space is marked off to represent the sea, and one girl player is pursued by the two with the rope, trying to entangle her within the arranged-for space, which she must not leave.

(P. 210, after line 32.)

Games somewhat similar to those above are Pirates.

Two lines are taken — they may be the two pavements of a street. The main body of the players run from side to side, one in the centre space, trying to tig one, who then relieves the original tigger.