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Collectanea. 97

slowly prolonged sound which takes the place of the usual whistle tig.

In playing " Falach Fead " in Barra, the den is called "croilean" (literally "cattle-pen). The seeker, while the others are hiding, goes down on his elbows and knees, covering his eyes with his hands. In this position he counts a pre-determined number, say forty, during which time the others hide themselves, otherwise the game is as described above.

(P. 212, at the bottom.) Key Hoy.

Possibly a modification of "I Spy." One player remains in the den, while the others hide themselves, signalling this by one of them crying " Key Hoy." The keeper of the den is now free to look about him and issues out in search of the others. When he perceives one he cries " Key Hoy," if necessary naming the individual, or exactly describing his place of concealment. Each individual found merely comes out and stands aside. While the den-keeper, however, is looking about him, attempts are made to reach the den without his seeing the individual till there. If one attempting this is seen " Key Hoy " is cried and he stands aside. If any one gets in unremarked he becomes the keeper of the den for a new game.

I Spy, Tin Can.

This is played exactly like " Key Hoy," but a tin can of some sort is used. The first who gets into the den unobserved has a free kick at the tin can, the den following the can. Those in hiding are entitled to be certain that the indication that they have been seen, given in the form : " I spy James Johnstone, one, two, three," is perfectly correct. The den-keeper, having named the other, retires towards the den, the named player striving to be there before him, that he may exercise his right of having a kick at the can. Each one spied, whether he has kicked the can or not, stands aside as in " Key Hoy " till all have been viewed. The first to kick the can is the den-keeper in the next game.