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2 Minutes of Meetings.

which followed, Miss Hull, Mr. Thomas, and Miss Burne took part.

The Meeting terminated with hearty votes of thanks to Mr. Chase for exhibiting his photographs, and to Mr. Cook for his paper.

The following additions to the Library were announced, viz.:

The Journal of the Anthropological Society of Bombay. Vol. VII., No. 4, presented by the Society;

The A nnual Report of the A rchceological Survey of Ceylon — North Central and Central Provinces — 1890- 1900, pre- sented by the Governor of Ceylon ; and

Analecta Bollandiana, Vol. XXIV., Part III., by exchange.


The President (Dr. W. H. D. Rouse) in the Chair.

The minutes of the last Meeting were read and confirmed.

The election of Miss E. B. Pitman, Mr. F. L. Bickley, and Mr. M. Mackey as members of the Society was announced. The resignations of Miss M. Wilson, the Rev. J. R. Olorenshaw, Mr. Brynmor Jones, Mr. T. Thorp, and Mrs. Jessie Saxby were also announced.

Mr. C. J. Tabor exhibited a " Thor Cake " from Oldham, Lancashire.

Mr. A. T. Crawford Cree read a paper entitled "Back- footed Beings," and in the discussion which followed Mr. Kirby, Dr. Gaster, Mr. Tabor, Miss Burne, Mr. Major, Miss Eyre, Mr. Wright, and the Chairman took part.

Mr. A. R. Wright exhibited a Japanese War Charm